How personal development affects your property investment?

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How personal development affects your property investment?

One of the most important lesson we learnt from property investment is disconnecting yourself emotionally from the day to day ups and downs of the property market. Once you are not emotionally affected, it becomes slightly easier to deal with investment decisions.

If you are going through a challenging day or a week, ask yourself if this would affect you in 5 to 10 years’ time? most of the time, the answer is a ‘no’ so don’t let it affect you emotionally.

Your interpersonal skills will play the biggest part in your property investment journey, work on them the hardest.

Being able to lead and adapt with people will help find your investors and help you expand your portfolio.

Your persuasion and communication skills shine through when you are trying to build a business so work hard to improve on them. We believe in ‘Kaizen’ theory of continuous improvement which helps long term.

This is the part where personal and professional development meets so your strategy and marketing skills. Strategy and marketing skills are key to expand on your property portfolio however they are also dependent on your personal development and being able to adapt to the changing market.

As humans we survived not because we were the strongest but the most adaptive. Similarly, being able to adapt to the changing market conditions and being able to adapt and pivot to thrive is a key skill to learn.

Robin Sharma says ‘Clarity breeds mastery’. One of the keys to being successful is having enough clarity going forward. I believe as much as that’s true, I am also a big believer of taking action and if you don’t have enough clarity now, keep taking action and you will keep getting clarity with action.

One of the biggest lessons in property is learning the compounding effect. If you can compound your investments, you can become wealthy financially.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t forget to enjoy your life in the middle of a busy investment journey.